Why hire a mentalist-Mindreader Geneva-Zürich

A show with a mentalist is a collective voyage into the unexpected and the inexplicable. It brings people together in a unique experience in which they are slightly unsettled by witnessing something that is so impossible to explain, while at the same time thoroughly enjoying themselves. A master of telekinesis, thought reading and telepathy,Christophe the mindreader of Switzerland will even have members of the audience successfully perform these impossible feats themselves!

Christophe is one of the Swiss's finest mentalist, much in demand as a wedding mentalist, table mentalist, corporate mentalist and party mentalist

Swiss Mindreader mentalist Christophe Ambre is an expert performer of close up and table mentalism for adult audiences across the Switzerland as well as internationally. Looking for a Table mentalist Geneva ? Close up mentalist Zürich ? Wedding mentalist Geneva ? Christophe Ambre is the mentalist mindreader for you !

For business audiences (especially banking, insurance, attorney and security !) who want something unique at a conference, seminar session or after dinner speech, why not introduce a mentalist-mindreader posing as a company spokesman or industry expert?