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Coming With a refreshinghly comtemporary style and a versatile repertoire that suits any range of events, it is no wonder Christophe has a rapidly growing reputation as one of France's leading magicians.

Christophe the magician French Riviera mix-up modern sleight of hand magic, mind reading, pickpocketing and suggestion, this is magic at it's very best.

Performing in Paris, home countries and Cannes as well as the rest of France. With over 17 years of experience, Christophe the master pickpocket magician is a top expert magician French riviera for hire.

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One of the Cannes's most entertaining after dinner/mentalist magician. Christophe the magician entertainer Cannes performs his stand up magic, pickpocket,mind reading show. he's  performed at theater, Cannes's film festival. Not to mention appearances on several primtime TV shows and hundreds corporate and private event in Cannes 
Make your guests the stars of the show.
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