The art of stealing in front of every ones eyes without the victim getting suspicious! This results in some hilarious moments! Watches, wallets, belts, ties, glasses and just disappear.

Christophe Ambre's stage pickpocket act is a brilliant mix of comedy, magic and pickpocket entertainment guaranteed to have you laughing and wondering, How did he do that?

Christophe magician pickpocket entertains audiences of all sizes with up-close pickpocket magic.

Christophe the pickpocket entertainer is one of the Swis’s finest pickpocket in Europa, much in demand as a wedding pickpocket, table pickpocket entertainer, corporate pickpocket and party pickpocket.

Christophe the
Swiss magician pickpocket will makes you event unforgettable!

Press: http://www.zug4you.ch/former_pickpocket_shows_how_it_is_done.html