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Please pass on our sincere thanks to Christophe Ambre, he was absolutely incredible at our dinner, he genuinely left us totally amazed at what he could achieve. I'm still trying to make sense of it all.

Philipp Gmür CEO Helvetia Insurance Switzerland

Congratulations, Christophe. Your performance at my husbands 40th was nothing sort of majestic. A huge thank you from us, and all of our friends. A true wizard !

E. Labey .Area Manager A.S.Watson-Marionnaud Geneva Switzerland

What can I say, brilliant! People are still talking about it and I'm sure they will be for some time

Boris Becker tennis Legend Gstaad Valais

As you can imagine we often have entertainment which includes magicians & mind readers but Christophe Ambre was genuinely something else, we rarely rebook the same act but I'm so glad we did.

Anita F. Crédit Suisse

Christophe, your enthusiasm, energy and baffling show widely contributed to the success of our beautiful evening. My colleagues are still scratching their heads! Thank you

Christel Warin - Office Management Oberson attorney Zug.

Absolutely incredible!

Harrison Ford ( Film festival Locarno 2011)

Hit of our party!
can't wait to bring him back!

Tina Turner singer ( Küsnacht Zürich)