Hire a Master Magician mindreader and sleight of hand artist for your event or party

A little magic goes a long way when you’re trying to organise a memorable corporate or private event. If you need to pull a little something special, then the pickpocket Magician Christophe Ambre can provide the perfect solution...

Christophe’ performance is a touch of magic in an age dominated by technology. The magician combines the art of magic and mindreading with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create extraordinary events, live, on stage. Christophe the magician dazzles the eye and captivates the mind during his spellbinding performance as tables float, minds are read and metal bends. When the curtain falls, you are not certain whether you have been under the spell of a wonderful illusion or you have witnessed an extraordinary reality.

Looking for a Table magican Verbier ? Close up magician Gstaad? Wedding magician st Moritz ? Stage magician Zermatt ?

20 years as a full-time professional magician and mindreader means that you will get he best quality magic deliverer.assure to make you party unforgettable
Christophe's magic is playful, very visual and comtemporary. Whatever it's stealing you watch or telling you the name of you best friend at school, Christophe magic is better in person!

Hire magican mindreader Crans Montana for you event and makes it unforgettable!

The ultimate interactive entertainment

Forget stages and special settings none are necessary. pickpocket magic is very flexible and can be adapted to almost any kind of situation. At a formal dinner Christophe the Zermatt magician will normally meet and greet guests during the drinks reception, performing whilst moving from group to group, and then from table to table during the meal (between courses). If a sit-down meal is not involved then Christophe the magician Verbier will mix and mingle with the guests during the event as required. Magic is truly the ultimate in interactive entertainment.

When you hire Christophe, you are not just hiring a profesionnal master mentalist magician. Christophe certify that each parties he performs at is unique and tailors his show to your guests. With over 20 years of experience performing at birthday parties, events and celebrations.

My magic services for you

1. Strolling magic
During the drinks reception, performing whilst moving from group to groups.It's a perfect ice-breaker,stimulating chat between your guests and create a warm atmosphere.

2. Table hoping magic
Christophe the magician Zürich can do his pickpocket-magic from table to table during the meal (between of courses).

3. Pickpocket-magic is very flexible
Pickpocket-magic can be adapted to almost any kind of situation.Forget stages and special settings – none are necessary.

4. Parlour mindreading-magic
Parlour mindreading-magic is a mini stage, Perfect for 10 to 80 people. According to you preferences this kind of show may take from 5 to 6o mn ,or can be split to fit your event. Hire a magicien and make you event memorable!

5. Stage pickpocket-magic or Mindreading
Show on stage, according to you preferences this show may take from 10 to 90 mn.


Magic, Mayhem and mindreading! Christophe the birthday party magician brings something extraordinary to you Birthday party! He makes you part of the show.
No party is too big or too small. Chris the magician has more than 20 years of experiences it means he has worked with small group parties and also larger parties. His magic makes an exciting atmosphere that eah guests can get involve in the show.
Christophe Ambre bings incredible magic experiece to you birthday party, delighting children and  astonishing adults. He will engage your guests with a lend of comtemporary magic.
He has a versatile repertoire that fancy to any party, making him the perfect magician to hire for you event in Zermatt, Gstaad or Verbier.
He's regarded as the best magician in Switzerland

If you are looking for the ways to make you party amazing, entertaining and all of the above a unforgettable one, Christophe is the birthday party magician for you!