Magician Zug Switzerland

The magician Zug Christophe Ambre has an interactive, visual and aesthetic magic.
Christophe the magician favors the magical effects which creates a connection with the spectators.
That’s why he promotes magic with borrowed items.
It also performs magical effects with playing cards or even coins.
Here is an example of magical effects that the magician Zug Chris Ambre achieves at tables or in an ambulatory cocktail:
-A card is chosen and signed by a spectator, it disappears as if by magic from the game held by it to reappear in the battery compartment of the phone which is in the pocket of another spectator!
Chris the pickpocket magician Zurich is the only one in Europe to achieve this effect of magic.
. -The clock radio:
a prodigious experience that will leave you with lasting memories.
The magician Zurich asks a spectator to imagine an alarm clock placed on his bedside table, then he offers to tell him out loud a precise date and time.
The magician draws an alarm clock showing the viewer's choices.
So the magician takes out of his own pocket a photo of an alarm clock showing the exact date and time announced by the viewer!
-The hotel key:
presented on television by the magician Zurich Christophe Ambre
Chris the magician Zug evokes his last trip to Australia and shows the key to the hotel room where he stayed attached to a key ring he kept as a souvenir.
He places it in a glass in front of him, so the key is clearly visible. The magician Zurich invites three people to name a number between 0 and 9, so as to form a number of three digits. For example, 234, the number formed at random is the same as the one engraved on the key ring!
Chris the magician Zug and mentalist speaks French, English, German and Italian

Wedding magician Zug and private party

As well as corporate events, Christophe Ambre the magician also provides Close-Up Magical Entertainment at numerous wedding receptions, partnership celebrations and private parties. Having a pickpocket magician strolling amongst guests at a wedding reception can have real benefits as well as acting as the perfect ice-breaker. The magical entertainment will become a real talking point, ensuring that an already memorable day will become truly unforgettable.

He has performed at hundreds of weddings in Switzerland at many of the top venues, Fairmont palace Montreux, Beau rivage Geneva, hotel des trois couronnes Vevey, Andermatt and making a wedding that little bit more magical is a skill that Christophe the wedding magician has honed over many years.

If you want a wedding magician zurich, wedding magician Geneva  or a magician Montreux please contact Christophe to check his availability.
Hire a pickpocket magician Zurich for you party!